gta Archives

Hannes Meyer, linocut, undated (around 1924/26)

For the gta Archives, the Bauhaus year celebrating the hundredth birthday of the German Reform Art School already began in 2018. Since then, we have received numerous requests which have led to personal consultations, reproduction orders or loans. Especially in demand were the materials of Hannes Meyer, the second Bauhaus director, and Sigfried Giedion, one of the most important promoters of the Bauhaus idea. On the occasion of the well-attended gta Archives evening tour “The Bauhaus and Switzerland: An Intertwined Relationship” (“Das Bauhaus und die Schweiz. Ein Beziehungsgeflecht”), we were able to show a representative selection of documents on the theme, despite currently having lent numerous documents to other institutions. These included wonderful linocuts by Hannes Meyer, which will be on display in the Tel Aviv Museum of Art as of February 2020. Also, the loans for the bauhaus imaginista exhibition (being shown until 12 January in the Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern) will not yet find their way back to our archive’s cabinets, but will instead be transported to Istanbul for another stop.

We would like to inform our visitors that after several months in “exile”, we returned to our traditional but newly renovated and better organized rooms at the beginning of December.