Albert Heinrich Steiner 1905–1996

Werner Oechslin, ed.
Albert Heinrich Steiner 1905–1996
Architekt – Städtebauer – Lehrer

Selected and commented catalogue of works, complete index of works
2001. 22.5 x 30 cm, softcover with flap
260 pages, 412 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-107-3
CHF 94.00 / EUR 88.00

Preface by Werner Oechslin
Contributions by Gerd Albers, Angelus Eisinger, Carl Fingerhut, Werner Oechslin, Andreas Steiner, Martin Tschanz, Ruedi Weidmann
Designed by Philippe Mouthon and Angelika Wey-Bomhard


As a master builder of Zurich, A. H. Steiner introduced new urban building regulations and pushed ahead with the gradual transformation of the city centre into a business city. Steiner's settlement plans in the outer districts and the Heiligfeld III settlement, Zürich's first mixed-use housing estate, attracted wide interest among experts.