The gta Archives provide Swiss and international institutions with documents on loan for exhibitions. Generally, curators prepare such exhibitions by carrying out archival research which often results in their exhibitions presenting new findings. In accordance with its self-conception as a research-oriented archive, gta Archives aim to promote exchanges between external researchers and in-house or local experts and through it the acquisition and sharing of new knowledge which will benefit both groups. The exhibitions bring together original documents and corresponding sources, processed in terms of content, arranged to maximum effect by the curators and thus presented to an international public. Above all, such exhibition projects widen our view for thematic interconnections and threads, which mostly lead far beyond the scope of any single archive alone. This is why we refer homepage visitors to a selection of exhibitions held since 2006 and the concomitant publications. For research projects and exhibitions with direct participation of gta Archives, please click here.

Lending for Exhibitions 2006–2011 (selection)