Dieter Kienast: Stadt und Landschaft lesbar machen

Anette Freytag
Dieter Kienast
Stadt und Landschaft lesbar machen

2015. 23 x 31 cm, hardcover
432 pages, 257 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-85676-312-1
CHF 98.00 / EUR 94.00

Preamble by Erik A. de Jong
Foreword by Christophe Girot
With photographs by Georg Aerni und Christian Vogt
Designed by Büro 146


Anette Freytag's book about Dieter Kienast is the first and comprehensive critical examination of a charismatic leading figure of European landscape architecture. In her broad and in-depth study, she vividly breaks down how Kienast’s design, theory and presentation are interwoven and combine artistic, scientific, intellectual and social aspects in his work.
The publication also marks the conclusion of Anette Freytag’s research project, in the course of which the part of the estate owned by the Kienast family was donated to the gta Archiv (NSL Archive) of ETH Zurich. The parts of the estate owned by SKK Landschaftsarchitekten, Wettingen, and Vogt Landschaftsarchitekten, Zurich, were indexed in the research database. Dieter Kienast’s library is also donated to the Institute of Landscape Architecture of the Department of Architecture and is catalogued for use.

Award Die schönsten Schweizer Bücher 2015
Deutscher Gartenbuchpreis 2016 Bestes Buch über Gartengeschichte

An English version is in preparation.